Pete The Rib

By. Ulf Forsberg 

If you just once head down the "Hot Rodding Highway"... youré done for it...

As very much so; the case of mr Peter Lundgren, a clubmember of "Haulers Cc", Umeå - Sweden.

Peter, or "Pete The Rib" as he nowadays call himself, is born and raised at the small village of Innertavle, about a mile outside Umeå. There he is settled with Wife, kids, cat, chickens and a bunch of thrilling cars. One of those cars is this: a -1933 Ford which he came across this year due to selling a customized Chevy -41 in his custody for a short period of time.

- once you find yourself riding those Hot Rods it´s kinda hard letting go.

Peter started to look out for a new car and this april it showed up. A fenderless chopped -33 in turn key condition situated at Lasse Ramqvists house in Söderhamn. The car had a perfect setout as Peter likes to put his cars in use. A -33 ford with a -34 front end, a souped up ZZ4 engine together with some race built 350 gearbox. Self Dropped front axle suspended by split wishbones and a setup of old Ford juicebrakes with finned Buick drums. An eight inch rear is connected by coilovers and a fourlink whereas the lower rods is the original but splitted wishbone. Chevy -51 steering gear and a 4 inch over frame channeled body. headlights is -34 Ford front and -37 rear. All together made Peter pack off for Söderhamn to close the deal even figuring out what to improve when he returned home. reaching some 200 miles further north he decided to strip the interior and reupholster the car. Rims and tires were replaced by 7.50/16 and 5.00/15 before it were turned over to his brother, Jonas Lundberg, for a new paintjob. When finished, Peters brother in-law Samuel Strand, took it over to fix a pile of letters over the body. You just can´t miss out "Lettering" if you´re into -50s salt flats racing car stuff. But if you dare leaving your car to a brother in-law who tends to remember hilarious things of the past then you are in for a treat. This came in place for Peter who were reminded of the day when there were some showing off to be done, on behalf of a certain girl, called Jenny. This very day there were a boat involved and it was Peter who were the one in charge of the launch. A less fortunate push left Peter hanging over the craft. Before his surrounding pals manage to relive him he were left blessed with a broken rib.

- It´s not easy to impress a chick when you got a broken rib, but me, i´ll managed since nowadays this very Jenny is my wife.

Such a laugh and great compliments!... with it´s new name, new body colour, new interior and new set of wheels "Pete The Rib" has managed to do a whole lot of cruising around already. He has taken his Ford to a bunch of meetings whereas it, amongst other nominations, recived the "Coolest car in show" award. An ass kicking Ford one will be looking forward encountering on those northern european roads.

So what happens now since the car is ready and done?

- Hoping for a real long winter as my wifes -54 Chevy Custom is to have it´s upholstery reworked, and then, with brother Jonas, i´ve bought a -55 Chevy Gasser in need of some holy sacrament. Also a hurry to scramble together a T-27' up until the next "Speedweekend" in wich there is to be a challenge with "the Gritzers" car club!!

As noticed, Peter, is not in any ways an exception. So as with all other "Hot Rod maniac"s lives, One project is just fullfilled when at least two others are on their way. We wish "Pete The Rib" and the rest of the crew of "Haulers Cc" very much good luck with following winters work, looking forward to see those new creations roaming around our neighbourhood.