Sweden Gasser

 A genuine Gasser from Sweden.

Lightning fast when it comes to acceleration and assembly, that's a genuine Gasser.

By. Ulf Forsberg

It's not just fast for a car of that calibre but can also be assembled quickly, Less than eighteen months from the drawing board to the finished article. The inspiration grew from classic "Gasser" cars, therefore Jonas named and registered the car as a "Gasser". As Jonas explained, "I have built a -32 Roadster and found myself with masses of parts to spare. My first thought was to build a car for fun but as usual, that idea fell by the wayside."

Instead it became a bored frame from American Stamping, a lightened Deltabody ordered together with a Chevrolet 454 with a 8-71 supercharger. The engine was bored to 468 with racing stuff throughout. Not particularly large you may think but nevertheless capable of producing 850+ hp and according to Jonas, ΒΌ mile in 9.23 secs. The front of the vehicle is a non-dropped derived from a -38 Ford which Jonas managed to find . A bored, divided V-Stag together with a monoleaf compliments the front part of the vehicle.

The Ford 9" with ultra case housing and strengthened race bearings is secured with bolts from the outside and naturally, a bored 40 splined drive shaft. "At first I used a more standard 9" axle but following three repos it gave up" laughed Jonas, who's day job is spraying car bodies. However, as far as Jonas's concerned, it's only custom spraying that matters, as you can see from his gasser. The base paint is maroon metallic spray finished in red flake, whilst the lattice work is in gold flake. Lattice work enjoyed it's high point at the beginning of the 70'shade but is still a popular choice judging by the many compliments Jonas has received. The interior is minimalist with a rev counter, temperature and oil pressure gauges. A couple of bucket seatsright at the rear completes the interior of the vehicle, which is clad in white boat gallon. This is the second season that Jonas has driven the car and he is still completely satisfied with it's performance. Equally good at cruising as on the strip and the only "issues" being adjustments to the valves. Before the season ends, Jonas hopes to improve the car still further. The turbine slips 22% but a new race turbine to power glide is on order and will be installed which should cut times on the strip. "It doesn't matter if it's an 8.99, I'm determined to achieve 8", says Jonas Lundberg.

There's no reason to doubt his determination as Jonas usually achieves most he sets out to! Captions relative to the fuel pressure gauge, it has been suggested, should be placed beside the supercharger. Extremely fast at 9,23 per 1/4 mile. 1/8 mile at 5,75 and 60 foot at 1,96 and 64 mph.

Ansen wheels go hand in hand and are just as elegant as they are unusual. The rear has been cut away to allow for the car to be built lower and the frame, naturally, bored and plasma cut for flexibility. Collars for the bored holes in the trunk are of stainless steel and have been manufactured by Jonas. Of course Jonas drives his Gasser on the street, that's exactly what you should do with a Gasser!