A-Ford 1931

"I have never owned an original car" ...

By. Ulf Forsberg

Many of our readers propably spend a significant ammount of time at the The HAMB website. Patrick Melinder from Umeå in Sweden is no exception. That is where he found his A-Ford five years ago.

Patrick has actually owned a bunch of cars. Like a matte red Pontiac Silver Streak 1950. There have also been some Chevys. Like an 8 " frame lowered 1934 hot rod, a matte blue-52a with flaked roof and also a Buick -56 Kustom. Patrick smiles and says he never owned an original car and has no plans ever to own one. He previously worked as a car painter and is a real pro in the body shop. That background rarely makes things worse when you like to spend hours of your free time in the garage.

We should also mention that Patrick is one of the names behind the Haulers car club, which was formed in 2011. He and his best friend Mats Falkdal wanted to create a community among hot rod and kustom car drivers in the Umeå area and therefore started the club.

When Patrick surfed The HAMB website in the fall of 2012 he found an interesting ad. The picture was showing a nice looking, driveable silver-colored A-Ford from 1931, The car had spoked wheels and three air filters pointing towards the sky. Nothing fancy, but everything looked nice and Patrick bought the car. With some help from his friend Brälla at the company Maskinkylare in Umeå, could help him to neatly pack the old A-Ford into a container container and it was shipped over the Atlantic. Now, all Patrick could do wa sto sit and wait. And hammer his head against the wall. Fortunately, there is usually an end to all waiting and so even in this case. The container finally arrived in Umeå and now all that remained was to fix all paperwork and make the car street legal in Sweden. But you're name is Patrick Melinder and you´re longing for a drive with your elbow through a chopped side window, you still have some work to do. The Ford finally was driveable and legal in the summer of 2013, and the adventure could begin.

Patrick was very pleased with how the car worked out and used it as often as the weather allowed it. He took it for a 155-mile trip to Sundsvall on muddy gravelroads on a rainy Saturday. But the car passed the summer and autumn test drives and a satisfied owner could later park it in the garage for the upcoming winter.

But Patrick isn't the guy who just parks the car and waitsfor next summer. The Ford ended up under the grinder and sander and the silver color was replaced with a gold base and red candy that Patrick painted himself. The engine, being a Chevrolet 348, also got a new color. The old red spoked wheels were replaced with new Rocket Racing rims with Firestone 5.60-15 in front and 8.20-15 at the rear. Patrick was pleased with the rest of the the car since it had worked so well. He kept the 10-bolted rear axle and the TH200 gearbox. The upholstery was a nice black tuck n' roll with nice comfort so Patrick left it as it was. The body is lowered 4" over the frame and the roof is chopped 3.5". It has a classic 32 Ford grill and a dropped front end with hairpins. More than that, Patrick did not have to change anything else to get his touch. After bringing hoe some trophies from a series of car shows, Patrick nows that he fine tuned and rebuilt this car just the right way. At the end, it came out as a cool car that rolls around on Swedish roads with music from bands like Social Distortion, Luis and The Wildfires and Seether in the loud speakers.

We say a big thank you for a cool car from a guy that we can guarantee you will see more from!